Five Questions About Pooper Scooper Service

Pooper Scooper Dogs

Q) How do I know if my yard needs weekly or every other week pet waste removal service?

A) This decision is largely based on personal preference however there are three additional factors to consider.
Factor #1: Age Of Dogs
Young dogs, especially puppies poop far more than older dogs do. If you own a dog that is less than one year old weekly service is probably indicated. If your dog is elderly every other week service might work fine.
Factor #2: Number Of Dogs
The more dogs in your family the faster their yard will “fill up” and become unsanitary. If you have one dog every other week service might work fine. However if you have three dogs weekly service might be a necessity.
Factor #3: Size Of Yard
It takes a lot less time to thoroughly contaminate a small yard compared to a large yard. If you’ve got a small yard your pet may need weekly service. If you’ve got a large yard every other week service might be all you need to keep the problem from getting out of hand.

Q) Does the first cleaning cost extra?

A) There might be an extra charge if it’s been a while since the last time your yard was cleaned. Most pet waste removal companies have a first time cleaning fee that covers any work that goes above and beyond a regular cleaning. It’s usually a good idea to have your yard mowed and have any large debris removed before your yard is scooped. This helps the scooper do the best possible job in the least possible time.

Q) Can I pick my service day?

A) Probably not. Most scoopers service specific geographic regions each day of the week. On Mondays a scooper might work in the north while on Tuesdays he might work in the far southwest. It’s not practical or efficient for most pet waste removal companies to service several parts of a large metropolitan area on a single day. However smaller companies may have more flexible schedules particularly if they service a city that doesn’t cover a large area.

Q) Where does my dog’s waste go?

A) Most pet waste removal companies haul your dog’s waste away after which it is deposited in a local landfill. However some pet waste removal companies deposit your pet’s poop into your outdoor trash can. This doesn’t typically create a problem if the can stays outside. However if you store your trash can in the garage even a small bag of pet waste can create a significant odor problem within a few hours. This is especially true on warm days.

Q) Do pooper scooper companies provide service for pets other than dogs?

A) Many pet waste removal companies offer service for cats as well as dogs. Some use the litter and bags that you supply while others provide everything. Very few scoopers provide service for horses, pigs, sheep or other less common family pets.
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